Feather Canoes | Feather Canoes Wee Lassie plans and patterns for a classic cedar strip solo canoe you can build yourself.
Feather Canoes offers Wee Lassie, Wee Lassie 2, Big Mac and Sairy Gamp Plans and Patterns for build-it-yourself Classic Cedar Strip Solo Canoes as designed by Henry A. "Mac" McCarthy, author of Woodenboat's "Featherweight Boatbuilding".
Feather Canoes, Wee Lassie, Wee Lassie Canoe Plans, Sairy Gamp, Big Mac, Cedar Strip Canoe, Mold Patterns, J. Rushton, Solo Canoe, Build-it-yourself
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The Feather Canoes

Canoe Designs by Mac McCarthy